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How it works


We identify your best local estate agents.
Our unique technology gives you an unbiased, independent view.


We get you started with the best agent and automatically switch you to the next best at the right time.


You get more viewings from the right buyers. Properties sell twice as fast with us - and for more money.

"We're here to save the world from bad estate agents. We only work with the great ones."

Tom Scarborough, Founder

Bad agents

- Lose interest when it gets tricky

- Lock you in so you can't switch

- Set up irrelevant viewings

- Fail to sell

Great agents

- Have big applicant lists

- Hustle like crazy

- Don’t rely on Rightmove

- Work hard to close offers

Independent expertise

We've got the inside knowledge and we're here to share it with you.

Ten steps to
a perfect sale

5 truths your agent won’t tell you

Top 5 tips for selling your home

We're The Best Way To Sell

Average UK agent
Time to sell
47 days
79 days
Price achieved vs Listing1

1That’s a £15,000 difference on houses of £500,000

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