Our mission

We believe there's a better way to sell your home

Our tailored, multi-agent home selling service works faster, achieves higher selling prices, and delivers a zero-stress experience
- same cost as a traditional agent

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Our story

A bad selling experience made our founder realise there had to be a smarter way to sell.

Tom Scarborough, CEO

I’m Tom, the founder of Movewise. I started the company after my own experience of selling my house in 2017. My wife and I planned to move and had found the place we wanted to buy. Our initial journey from “for sale” to “sold” was smooth with an early offer in six weeks. But this didn’t last long. The sale fell through, followed by an incredibly stressful few months with two further offers failing to complete. My estate agents repeatedly told me the only solution was to drop the price.

Instead, I instructed three great local agents who all competed to make the sale, resulting in multiple offers which pushed up the final selling price. All in a remarkably short period of time. A fantastic result, but I couldn’t get over the fact that selling had been so stressful. It shouldn’t have been. So I left my job and started Movewise with the aim of making moving house simpler and better for everyone.

Going multi-agent
– the pros’ secret weapon

We took the same process used by professional property developers and made it easy for anyone to do it.

Estate agents rarely have more than 25% market share of their local area. This means you miss out on buyers for your property. Going multi-agent (which means you pick the best agent and then swap agents when you've exhausted their list) creates competition, brings in more buyers, and drives up the final selling price.

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Happy customers

“After signing up with an Estate Agent for 6 months and having had not a single viewing, I turned to Movewise who arranged for the relaunch of our property within a week. Two weeks later we had an offer agreed. All this with little to no input from us other than the usual cleaning and preparation. Thank you Movewise, great job.”


“Thank you very much Movewise. The main benefit for us was to break up the “stranglehold” of the big agents and galvanise activity and for me the personal touch was important. Kirsty was very helpful and kept us up to date at all times.”


“I sold my house, thanks to Movewise! They started with an agent I'd used before, but soon switched to an agent I wouldn't have chosen. This led to many viewings, and several offers and I hardly had to deal with the agents myself. Movewise dealt directly with me via email which was a lot easier to manage. I used them to supervise all the agents, which they did brilliantly.”


"Generates more viewings, and more buyers"