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About Us


I’m Tom,

… the founder of Movewise. I started the company after my own stressful house selling experience, determined to make sure fewer people had to go through the same pain.

When my wife and I decided to sell, we initially thought we’d made a great choice with our estate agent. We had an offer within 6 weeks – so far, so smooth. But when the sale fell through, and the process began to drag on, it felt like our agent lost interest. Their only solution was to drop the price – something we couldn’t afford to do.

Instead, I took control. I researched the best agents in the area and then instructed three at the same time. They competed with each other to make the sale, resulting in multiple offers that pushed up the final selling price. And all this happened in less than a month.

While this was a win for us, in the end, I couldn’t get over the fact that selling had been so hard, stressful, and downright depressing. When I looked into the stats, I discovered that estate agents only sell about half the properties they market. I knew there had to be a better way.

So I left my job and started Movewise, with the aim of making selling your house simple and stress free.

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