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Movewise helps home sellers like you sell faster – for a higher price. Our independent experts and tailored, multi-agent approach guarantee you a zero stress, zero bullsh*t home selling experience. All for the same price as a traditional agent.

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What is Movewise?

Movewise is the UK's only independent home selling service. Our unique multi-agent approach cuts a third off the average time to sell and adds about 3% to the selling price (that's £9k on a £300k house).

Why go multi-agent?

Going multi-agent creates competition between agents, brings in more buyers, and drives up the final selling price. It’s the secret weapon of professional property developers – but we’ve made it easy for anyone to do it. And at the same cost as going to a sole agent.

Will using Movewise cost me anything?

It doesn’t cost anything to get your best agent info and no-obligation tailored sales plan. We work on a no sale, no fee basis. So if you choose to manage your sale through us, you’ll only pay when you sell. And using us won’t cost you more than using a traditional estate agent.

Why do you need my property address?

We want to make sure your best agent recommendations and no-obligation sales plan are tailored to your property and your area. And we can only do that if we have your address details.

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