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Movewise helps home sellers like you sell faster – for a higher price. Our independent experts and tailored, multi-agent approach guarantee you a zero stress, zero bullsh*t home selling experience. All for the same price as a traditional agent.

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What is Movewise?

Movewise is the UK's only independent home selling service. Our unique multi-agent approach cuts a third off the average time to sell and adds about 3% to the selling price (that's £9k on a £300k house).

Why go multi-agent?

Going multi-agent creates competition between agents, brings in more buyers, and drives up the final selling price. It’s the secret weapon of professional property developers – but we’ve made it easy for anyone to do it. And at the same cost as going to a sole agent.

Will using Movewise cost me anything?

It doesn’t cost anything to get your best agent info and no-obligation tailored sales plan. We work on a no sale, no fee basis. So if you choose to manage your sale through us, you’ll only pay when you sell. And using us won’t cost you more than using a traditional estate agent.

Why do you need my property address?

We want to make sure your best agent recommendations and no-obligation sales plan are tailored to your property and your area. And we can only do that if we have your address details.


The estate agent you choose to sell your house makes a huge difference to the number of viewings, the final selling price and the speed of completion. On average estate agents only sell 57% of their homes for sale and 43% are eventually withdrawn.

So, how do you make the right choice? Well, we’re here to help you compare the best agent to sell your house. We hope this guide shows you that your home is capable of attracting more buyers and achieving a good price swiftly, no matter what your present circumstances are or how long it has been on the market.

What does a good estate agent look like?

A good local estate agent is one that has excellent access to (and is engaged with) numerous buyers looking at properties in your area which are of a similar size and price range to yours.

This will enable them to:

- Sell quickly
- Sell reliably
- Maximise market value

A good estate agent has excellent knowledge of the local market and has a ready made group of buyers at their fingertips looking for a property similar in size and value to yours.

This helps them to sell quickly and at the best price.

So why does a sole agent take 70 days to sell at an average of 4-7% below the asking price? Worse still, why are 43% of homes listed by sole agents eventually withdrawn from the market unsold?


Estate agents earn commission from houses they sell. The higher the sales figure, the higher the commission.

Shaving a few percentage points off the final selling price doesn't make a huge difference to the agent's total commission earned but it may secure them the sale. Good for the agent but not necessarily the best outcome for the seller who has sold at under the asking price.

When you first contact an estate agent, ask them how long they tie you into an exclusive contract.

For peace of mind that your house is in the best hands, there is another way. The multi-agent process. This alternative to home selling means you no longer have to rely on a single agent to get your home under offer.


Generate more viewings and more buyers through a multi-agent process.

Movewise encourages healthy competition between multiple agents and will manage them on your behalf to get you the best price for your home. Your dedicated Movewise expert will do all the tricky negotiating so you don't have to. Our goal is a bidding war, not a driving down of price.

Once the the very best agents are identified, your home is sequentially listed with each of them. This creates competitive tension between them and exposes your property to many more buyers than you had listed with a single agent.

See, things are looking more promising already aren’t they?

Movewise has a unique approach to multi-agent selling. We identify the best agents in your area and initially list your home with one of them for a restricted period of time. When that time is up, we introduce one additional agent after another until your home is sold. In this way your home is seen by the maximum number of potential buyers and the agents are forced to keep up their marketing momentum, competing with each other to secure the sale.