Our fees

With Movewise, you get a multi-agent deal with all the hassle handled, at the same price as using a traditional agent.

We negotiate the best deals, so you don’t pay more

We bring multiple clients to the best estate agents and that means we can get deals you can’t. So even with our fee added, using us won’t cost more than going direct to an agent.

You pay us, we pay the agent

You pay one fee to Movewise

Average 1.25%*


Agent fee

Average 1%, negotiated by Movewise*


Movewise fee

Average 0.25%*

Plus, we’re no sale, no fee.

*99% of customers pay between 0.1% and 0.5% in fees to Movewise and 0.7% and 1.8% to agents for home values above £300,000

Get a hassle-free, multi-agent home sale for the price of a single agent


  • You double your chances of selling

  • You sell faster, for a higher price – we bring in additional agents rather than lowering asking prices

  • You get a multi-agent process that brings in more buyers and creates competition to drive up offers

  • You sit back and relax while Movewise chases agents, solicitors and searches

  • You get a bespoke sales plan tailored to your home

  • You can be confident you got the best agents at the best prices.

Traditional estate agent

  • x

    You only have a 50% chance of selling

  • x

    If the sale isn’t immediate, you’ll be told to lower your asking price

  • x

    You miss out on lots of buyers in your area because one agent won’t have access to all of them

  • x

    Put plenty of time aside to chase your agent, chase your solicitors, and generally take lots of frustrating phone calls

  • x

    Expect a one-size-fits all approach

  • x

    You’ll need to brush up your negotiation skills and you won’t be able to bring in other agents until your exclusivity period ends

Happy customers

“After signing up with an Estate Agent for 6 months and having had not a single viewing, I turned to Movewise who arranged for the relaunch of our property within a week. Two weeks later we had an offer agreed. All this with little to no input from us other than the usual cleaning and preparation. Thank you Movewise, great job.”


“Thank you very much Movewise. The main benefit for us was to break up the “stranglehold” of the big agents and galvanise activity and for me the personal touch was important. Kirsty was very helpful and kept us up to date at all times.”


“I sold my house, thanks to Movewise! They started with an agent I'd used before, but soon switched to an agent I wouldn't have chosen. This led to many viewings, and several offers and I hardly had to deal with the agents myself. Movewise dealt directly with me via email which was a lot easier to manage. I used them to supervise all the agents, which they did brilliantly.”