Sell your property faster
- for a higher price.

On average single estate agents only sell 50%
of houses they list.

We work differently. Our unique multi-agent process doubles your chances of selling by getting
your home in front of more buyers.
And we handle all the hassle,
at no extra cost.

"Generates more viewings,
and more buyers"

A fast sale at the right price.
Zero stress guaranteed.

We boost your chances of selling for a higher price by getting
your home in front of more buyers. Here’s how it works…

We find your best agents

We use independent data to find agents with the most buyers for your property. And we interview them to make sure.

We negotiate a better deal for you

We can get you a lower fee. That means even with our charge, you won’t pay more than going direct.

We chase progress, so you don’t have to

No phone calls, no stress, no bullsh*t – we deal with it.

We bring in more agents to get you the right price fast

Reaching a new set of buyers, keeping momentum up and creating competition.

We don’t stop pushing till the ink is dry on the contract

We chase local searches, agents and solicitors to push through to completion.

The results? We cut a third off average time to sell.
And you’ll get 3% more – that’s £9,000
on a £300k house.

Why use a multi-agent process?

Boost your chances of selling for a higher price
by creating competition between agents.

Estate agents rarely have more than 25% market share in their local area. This means you miss out on buyers for your property. Picking the best agent and then swapping agents when you've exhausted their list creates competition, brings in more buyers, and drives up the final selling price.

It’s the secret weapon of professional property developers – but we’ve made it easy for anyone to do it. And at the same cost as going to a sole agent.

A typical sale with Movewise


Call us

Listed in 3 days

  • Impartial advice
  • Identifies best agent
  • Negotiates on fee
  • Provides everything, including photos and floorplans

Estate Agent 1
Weeks 0-4

Trying their best to find you a buyer

If slow…

Estate Agent 2
Week 5-8

Trying their best to find you a buyer

If slow…

Estate Agent 3
Weeks 9+

Sold 👍


  • Chases solicitors
  • Chases agents
  • Follows up searches

Until you get sold!

We find the best agents for your home

As ex-estate agents, we know when we’re being sold a line. Estate agent bullsh*t isn’t getting past us.

Selling homes isn’t just about Rightmove. A good estate agent should be working hard behind the scenes to get the right buyers into your home. We use independent data to find the top four estate agents in your area. Then we interview them to make sure they’re the real deal.

You get impartial advice on who’s the best agent
for your home.

We give you negotiating power

Our clout with agents means we can get you
a better deal.

We bring more clients to estate agents and that means we can get deals that you can’t. We will get you a great deal on fee and negotiate your contract terms. That means even with our fee added, it won’t cost more than going direct to an agent.

So you get a multi-agent deal with all the hassle handled, at the same price as a single agent.

A stress-free home sale guaranteed

We do all the hard work and handle all the hassle.

Say goodbye to chasing agents and pulling your hair out over slow solicitors. The only time you’ll have to speak to an agent is to arrange viewings – we handle everything else. (Of course, you can speak to the agents more if you really want to….no, we thought not.)

Get support and impartial advice to sell your home
stress-free for the right price.

Happy customers

“After signing up with an Estate Agent for 6 months and having had not a single viewing, I turned to Movewise who arranged for the relaunch of our property within a week. Two weeks later we had an offer agreed. All this with little to no input from us other than the usual cleaning and preparation. Thank you Movewise, great job.”


“Thank you very much Movewise. The main benefit for us was to break up the “stranglehold” of the big agents and galvanise activity and for me the personal touch was important. Kirsty was very helpful and kept us up to date at all times.”


“I sold my house, thanks to Movewise! They started with an agent I'd used before, but soon switched to an agent I wouldn't have chosen. This led to many viewings, and several offers and I hardly had to deal with the agents myself. Movewise dealt directly with me via email which was a lot easier to manage. I used them to supervise all the agents, which they did brilliantly.”