Independent Financial Advisors

We partner with IFAs and their clients to guide you on how to advise a best practice solution for your client.

Free consultation

Our first call with you will guide you on the likely best process for your client. You are not committed to us at this point and can advise your client accordingly. We have no upfront fees and are only paid on completion.

Independent Estate agent selection

Use our technology to identify the agents with the most buyers your clients property. We don’t have any pre-arranged deals so can independently advise the best sales process.

Contract negotiation

We are able to get better terms for your client because we have experienced estate agents and know the optimum level to push agents too on terms and fees.

One point of contact

You can come to us for all your client needs rather than having to deal with different agents of differing quality in different locations.

Don’t get stuck

When agents run out of buyers, we can find more by switching agents or marketing offline with others.

Higher price achieved

If the property isn’t sold after 4 weeks we normally recommend dual listing it. This will create further competitive tension and ensure your client achieves the maximum price for their sale.

Sole agency fee

We make life easier for the agents by taking photos and floorplans and doing the client onboarding. That’s why they work for us for less than they work for clients direct. Meaning your client only pays a regular sole agency fee.

Let's get started