Why our sales process
works better for you

Sole-agency Gamble

The average estate agent only sells 57% of its listings and 38% of its listings never even get one offer. That’s why we manage multi-agent sale process using the agents with the most buyers. Your property is marketed online as usual by your local agent, but we get you more buyers than a sole agent can and keep working with you until the house is successfully sold.

Different agents have different
numbers of buyers

  • Buyers from Rightmove/Zoopla
  • Buyers from agents applicant list

Online agent

With 10 buyers


Online agent

With 40 buyers


Online agent

With 190 buyers

Agents generate most of their viewings from their
applicant list. In fact 75% of sales are made to
applicants they had prior to your listing.

Our Process Always Sells

Average house needs 12-15 viewings to sell.
Our process generates far more viewings and stops clients
getting stuck.

  • Movewise Multi-agent
  • Large local agent
  • Small local agent
  • Online agent
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How Homes Sell with Movewise